Hello again! I’m Saransh. Saransh is Sanskrit for ‘summary’. So you could, if you wanted to, call this page Saransh’s Saransh. I’m sorry!
Portfolios these days are so serious! I had to break the tension :)

Anyway... Like any respectable product designer, I got my start in design by making anime wallpapers on photoshop. I got my first taste of designing things that other people will experience while I was working on getting my bachelor’s in Information Systems at BITS Pilani, Goa. And making those gig posters and college festival websites made me go, “Hey, I could actually get paid to do this.”

My professional experience with design began when I started working with startups and local Goan design agencies from my dorm room. After a brief stint working as a designer & front-end developer at Eltropy, I found myself drawn to the problem solving & creative aspects of design.

Since then, I have worked with teams around the world designing for a variety of app platforms like Salesforce, Chrome Extentions to iOS & Android. I strongly believe that my background as an engineer & front-end developer has come in handy when collaborating with developers to better understand & work around technical constraints and help ship beautiful & functional products.

I spend my work days collaborating with and learning from some of the most talented designers in the industry at MetaLab. Here, I get to work across a wide spectrum of industry verticals and organization sizes. Each project brings it’s own unique set of constraints and while there can be unique challenges to go along with those constraints, that’s the kind of problem solving I live for. Before MetaLab, I worked as a Product Designer at another Tiny company, Flow.

When I’m not working, you can find me walking Maachis (my adorable whippet. transl: matchstick), sketching, meal prepping or running around Bangalore.



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